THE LITTLE BOOK OF MUSES By Khaled Talib Charm Bracelet

23.99 USD
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THE LITTLE BOOK OF MUSES By Khaled Talib Charm Bracelet

23.99 USD
Inspirational Phrases for Writers By Best Selling Author Khaled Talib

12 Gorgeous Photo Charms including:

  • The color of your pen makes no difference when you write. What matters is the color of your mind.
  • At the crossroads of life, a story exists in every direction.
  • Writing is about finding your own voice.
  • A writers imagination can reach the moon and beyond. Theirs is but a giant leap to legacy.
  • The heart leaks, the pen speaks
  • The writer's pen is the spine of the soul
  • Words are the carriages on the railroad of life.
  • Some words flicker on paper like pinpricks of stars in the night sky.
  • If it's the thought that counts, make every word great.
  • When the thoughts speak louder than words, the writing begins.
  • It's not the weight of a book that tells a story. A wonderful story carries itself..
  • Writers and artists are magicians. They have a real magic want to conjure images in the minds eye.


***A Beautiful Heartfelt Gift for Yourself or Someone That Loves Books as much as You***

Bracelet is silver plated steel 6- 8.5in adjustable to fit almost every wrist with a beautiful lobster clasp.

Photo charms are 1/2 by 1/2 in square and sealed with 4X Poly Acrylic for a glass like shine & finish.

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